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The best TV under 150 USD is essential for staying connected to reliable entertainment. However, finding a quality TV under $150 can be difficult due to the superb Array of available options. To ease your search, we’ve meticulously curated a list of the best TVs under $150, ensuring you get the most value for your money without compromising on quality.

Best TV Under 150 Comparison

Product Name

Display $ Resolution



Screen Size


Amazon Fire TV 32" - 2 Series 

HD smart TV

LED, 720p

Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+

32 Inches

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VIZIO 40-inch D-Series Full HD  TV

LED, 1080p

Netflix,Disney+, YouTube, HBO Max

32 Inches

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Roku 32" Select Series 720p HD TV

LED, 720p

Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime

Video, Hulu, Apple TV

40 Inches

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Top 5 TV Under 150 Reviews

1. Amazon Fire 32″ Under 150

Best TV Under 150

The Amazon Fire 32″ 2-Series HD smart TV offers an exceptional viewing experience at an unbeatable price. Its HD 720p resolution, HDR 10, HLG, and Dolby Digital Audio support deliver crisp visuals and immersive sound quality that bring movies and shows to life. This smart TV provides access to various entertainment options, including live TV, video games, music, and a vast spacious of over 1 million movies and episodes from popular streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+. Additionally, users can enjoy free content from apps like YouTube, Freevee, Tubi, and Pluto TV. 

With a complimentary 6-month subscription to MGM+, users gain access to thousands of Hollywood movies and original series, further enriching their viewing experience. The TV’s ability to sync content across multiple Fire TV devices ensures a seamless viewing experience from room to room. With continuous updates, Fire TV keeps getting smarter, adding new Alexa skills, features, and smart home capabilities. Plus, with the included Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote, users can easily control their TV, find their favorite content, get sports scores, and manage smart home devices with just their voice. Overall, the Amazon Fire 32″ 2-Series HD smart TV offers incredible value and versatility, making it the best TV under 150 for budget-conscious consumers.


  • Affordable Price
  • HD Resolution with HDR Support:
  • All-in-One Entertainment
  • Free Streaming Options
  • 6-Month Subscription to MGM+


  • No Built-in Voice Assistant
  • Limited Smart Home Integration

2. VIZIO 40-inch TV Under 150

Best TV Under 150

The VIZIO 40-inch D-Series Full HD 1080p Smart TV (D40f-J09) offers an impressive viewing experience with its crisp and clear 1080p Full HD resolution and 39.5-inch display. Its Full Array LED backlight ensures superior light uniformity and picture performance, enhancing the overall picture quality. Powered by the IQ Picture Processor, this TV delivers faster navigation and quicker load times, making it easy to access your favorite content. 

The V-Gaming Engine optimizes picture mode for gaming, enhancing responsiveness and providing a smooth gaming experience with features like Auto Game Mode and Variable Refresh Rate with AMD FreeSync. Users can get fast access to many apps from premium streaming services like Netflix with SmartCast, Disney+, YouTube, and HBO Max right out of the box. Overall, the VIZIO D-Series Smart TV offers exceptional value for its price, making it a top choice for budget-conscious consumers seeking a high-quality viewing experience.


  • 1080p Full HD resolution
  • Full Array LED backlight
  • IQ Picture Processor provides
  • V-Gaming Engine optimizes
  • SmartCast feature allows


  • Although it is relatively low at <0.5W.

3. Roku 32″ TV Under 150

Best TV Under 150

The Roku 32″ Select Series 720p HD Smart RokuTV offers a seamless streaming experience with its bright picture quality, customizable home screen, and access to various free entertainment options. Made by Roku, a leading brand in streaming technology, this smart TV boasts sharp picture quality, exceptional clarity, and stunning brightness, ensuring an immersive viewing experience for movies, shows, and games. With fast WiFi connectivity and snappy app launches, accessing your favorite content is quick and hassle-free. 

The customizable home screen lets you prioritize your preferred streaming apps and inputs, enhancing convenience and efficiency. Plus, you’ll always have entertainment choices with over 400 live TV streaming apps, award-winning Roku Origalways haves, kids’ TV, and more. Whether you enjoy live TV, binge-watch your favorite series, or explore new content, the Roku 32″ Select Series Smart RokuTV offers a user-friendly and feature-rich streaming experience.


  • Bright picture quality
  • Voice remote feature
  • 400+ live TV streaming apps
  • Seamless streaming experience


  • Not support advanced features.

Buying Guide for The Best TV Under 150

When searching for the best TV under 150, prioritize key features like screen size, resolution, and smart capabilities. Look for models with at least 720p HD resolution for decent picture quality. Consider screen size based on your viewing distance and room size, opting for smaller sizes if space is limited. Smart TV functionality approves access to streaming services, so prioritize models with built-in streaming apps or compatibility with streaming devices. Pay attention to customer reviews for reliability and performance. Finally, consider refurbished or older models for budget-friendly options without compromising quality.


In conclusion, finding a high-quality TV under 150 USD is manageable, thanks to the diverse options available. Whether you prefer a Roku TV, VIZIO smart TV, or Amazon Fire TV Edition, a budget-friendly option suits your needs and preferences. From vibrant displays and smart features to seamless connectivity and user-friendly interfaces, these TVs offer exceptional value for money without compromising quality. So why wait? Upgrade your entertainment setup today with one of these best TVs under $150 and enjoy endless hours of immersive viewing experience.


Can I expect good picture quality from a TV under 150?

While TVs in this price range may not offer the same level of picture quality as higher-end models, many budget-friendly options still provide satisfactory visuals. Look for features like Full HD resolution and LED technology to ensure a decent viewing experience.

Are smart features available in TVs under $150?

Some TVs under $150 come equipped with smart features such as built-in WiFi connectivity and access to popular streaming services. However, certain functions might only be available in some versions depending on the model and manufacturer.

What size options are available for TVs under $150?

TVs under $150 typically come in smaller sizes, ranging from 24 inches to 32 inches. While you may not find larger screen sizes within this price range, smaller TVs can still be suitable for bedrooms, kitchens, or small living spaces.

How is the sound quality on TVs under $150?

Sound quality can vary among TVs in this price range, but many budget-friendly models offer decent audio performance. Consider looking for TVs with built-in speakers or audio enhancement technologies to ensure a satisfactory listening experience.

What connectivity options are available in TVs under $150?

Most TVs under $150 have connectivity options, including HDMI ports, USB inputs, and audio outputs. With the help of these ports, you may improve your viewing pleasure by connecting external devices like soundbars, Blu-ray players, and game systems.

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