Best Soundbar for Projector

Best Soundbar for Projector

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The best Soundbar for a projector has become increasingly popular for creating an immersive cinematic experience in the comfort of your own living space. However, investing in a high-quality soundbar is essential to elevate this audio-visual journey. This massive review will delve into the intricacies of the best Soundbar for projectors, shedding light on its features, performance, and overall value. Come along as we examine the benefits and drawbacks of the top competitor in the market.

Top Soundbar for Projector Comparison

Product Name

Special Feature




RIOWOIS DS6401D Soundbar For Projector

Sound Bar, soundbar for tv, tv speakers, projector soundbar.



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GEOYEAO BT103 Soundbar For Projector

Built-in dual subwoofers; tv sound bars, sound bars for Projector.



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Littoak SE04 HDMI Soundbar For Projector


Bluetooth 5.0, 

Remote Control & Customizable Sound.



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Nylavee SK070 Soundbar For Projector

Bass Boost,  


Compact & Slim Design

RCA, Bluetooth, Auxiliary, USB, HDMI, Coaxial


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Portable S09 Soundbar For Projector

Surround Sound, Portable, Subwoofer, 3D, Outdoor, Soundbar

Bluetooth, Auxiliary


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Wogree Mini Soundbar For Projector


Bluetooth 5.0, optical, aux, and USB connection

wired, wireless


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Saiyin DS6301 17inch Soundbar For Projector

Bass Boost, Mini soundbar



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Best 7 Soundbars for Projector Reviews

1. RIOWOIS DS6401D Soundbar for Projector

Best Soundbar for Projector

The RIOWOIS DS6401D Soundbar is a powerful audio companion for projectors, delivering an immersive surround-sound experience. Tailored for home entertainment setups, the 31-inch design of the RIOWOIS DS6401D Soundbar offers a perfect audio complement to projector visuals. 

The Soundbar boasts four full-range speakers that work harmoniously to provide rich and detailed audio across the spectrum. Its versatile connectivity options, including Bluetooth and HDMI-ARC/Optical/AUX, ensure compatibility with various devices, making it a flexible audio solution. 

Any home entertainment setup is made more sophisticated by the sleek black finish. Whether you enjoy movies, gaming, or streaming music, the RIOWOIS DS6401D Soundbar enhances your audio experience, bringing depth and clarity to your entertainment. It is an excellent option for anyone looking for a seamless audio solution for their projector setup because of its simple integration and robust quality.


  • Immersive surround sound
  • 31-Inch Design
  • Four full-range speakers
  • Versatile Connectivity
  • Sleek Design


  • Dependency on Projector Setup

2. GEOYEAO BT103 Soundbar for Projector

Best Soundbar for Projector

The GEOYEAO BT103 Soundbar for Projector offers an impressive audio solution for your home theatre. With a 2.2ch configuration featuring 2-inch tweeters and 2.25-inch woofers on each side, it achieves a sound channel surpassing 2.1ch. 

The dual subwoofer dedicated to deep bass enriches your viewing experience, transforming movies, music, and TV into explosive sensations. The unique 32-inch design is detachable, allowing it to be split into two parts for versatile placement options. Whether as a 2.2ch surround sound speaker on both sides of the TV or as a 2-in-1 unit on a table or wall-mounted, it seamlessly fits into your home theatre system. 

Multiple input options, including HDMI ARC, RCA, Optical, AUX, and Bluetooth 5.0, ensure compatibility with various devices. Upgrade your audio experience with the built-in 3D superior DSP technology and choose from 10 different EQ modes for a personalized home theatre sound environment. This Soundbar brings versatility, powerful audio, and immersive surround sound to your entertainment setup.


  • Versatile Configuration
  • Detachable Design
  • Customizable EQ Modes
  • Detachable and wall-mountable


  • HDMI ARC Compatibility
  • Audio Decoding Limitations

3. Littoak SE04 HDMI Soundbar for Projector

Best Soundbar for Projector

The Littoak SE04 HDMI Soundbar is a compact and versatile audio solution for projectors, TVs, and PCs. Measuring 16 inches, it seamlessly integrates into your setup for an enhanced audio experience. Bluetooth 5.0 allows effortless wireless pairing with your phone or tablet, delivering high-fidelity sound for an immersive listening experience.

Setting up is a breeze – connect the HDMI or optical cable (or aux-in for older TVs) for optimal sound quality. A remote control adds convenience, offering customizable sound modes such as Music, Movie, and Dialogue to suit your preferences. The Dialogue mode ensures every word and detail stands out.

Flexible placement options cater to your home decor, allowing placement in front of the TV or wall installation. Littoak backs this Soundbar with a one-year warranty and lifetime technical support, demonstrating its commitment to customer satisfaction. Overall, the Littoak SE04 provides a convenient and feature-rich audio solution with modern connectivity options for an immersive home entertainment experience.


  • Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity
  • Remote Control and Customizable Sound
  • Flexible Placement Options
  • Warranty and Technical Support


  • Limited Information

4. Nylavee SK070 Soundbar for Projector

The Nylavee SK070 Soundbar is a powerful 2.1ch audio system designed to elevate your home entertainment experience, especially when paired with projectors. With a dedicated subwoofer, this Soundbar delivers deep bass and immersive surround sound, creating a cinematic atmosphere for movies, TV shows, and gaming. 

The Bluetooth connectivity allows seamless wireless streaming from your devices, while the HDMI-ARC, Coaxial, AUX, and USB connections offer versatile options for various setups, including TVs, PCs, and projectors. 

The remote control provides convenient access to different sound modes, ensuring optimal audio settings for music, movies, or dialogue. With its elegant appearance and various connectivity choices, the Nylavee SK070 Soundbar enhances your home theatre setup’s aesthetic and acoustic aspects, providing a rich and dynamic audio experience.


  • Offers a 2.1ch Configuration
  • The subwoofer ensures deep bass
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Versatile Connectivity
  • Remote Control


  • Detailed Technical Specifications
  • Dependency on Projector Compatibility

5. Portable S09 Soundbar for Projector

The Portable S09 Soundbar for Projector provides a powerful and versatile audio solution, delivering crystal-clear 3D surround sound for an immersive home theatre experience. With two built-in 5W speakers and subwoofers, it produces rich, layered bass and immersive music. 

The Soundbar supports multiple connection options, including Coaxial, Bluetooth 5.0, AUX, RCA, and TF Card, offering flexibility for various devices. Its portable design, combined with a 2200mAh high-capacity battery, assures continuous audio playback for up to six hours. 

They make it ideal for small rooms, parties, and outdoor activities. 

The sleek look and 16.9-inch lightweight body allow you to enjoy high-quality audio on the go. The included remote control simplifies operation, and the Soundbar supports phone calls for added convenience. With a comprehensive accessory package, an 18-month warranty, and dedicated customer support, the Portable S09 Soundbar offers a compelling audio solution for diverse entertainment settings.


  • Built-in Subwoofers
  • Versatile Connectivity
  • Long Battery Life
  • Phone Call Support
  • Warranty and Customer Support


  • Limited Technical Specifications
  • Bluetooth Range Not Specified

6. Wogree Mini Soundbar for Projector

The Wogree Mini Soundbar redefines compact audio with a 16-inch size, packing a remarkable 50W of power. Featuring 2x full-range speakers and a bass reflex tube, it delivers crystal clear sound and deep bass, elevating your home theatre, gaming, and music experiences. The built-in DSP chip ensures excellent clarity, supporting 5 sound EQ modes for personalized audio tailored to TV shows, games, movies, and music.

This versatile Soundbar accommodates almost all your devices, supporting Bluetooth 5.0, optical, aux, and USB connections, making it compatible with TVs, gaming consoles, projectors, PCs, laptops, and phones. The setup is super-easy with included RCA and optical cables, allowing seamless wireless Bluetooth or wired connections in minutes.

While offering remote and button controls for volume and track adjustments, it’s important to note its incompatibility with Dolby, DTS, TV remote, and universal remote controls. Wogree stands behind its product, is committed to quality service, and provides 100% satisfaction and lifetime technical support. For a compact sound solution that doesn’t compromise on power, the Wogree Mini Soundbar is a reliable choice.


  • Powerful Audio Output
  • 5 Sound Equalizer Modes
  • Versatile Connectivity
  • User-Friendly Controls
  • 100% Quality Service


  • Limited Technical Specifications

7. Saiyin DS6301 17inch Soundbar for Projector

Best Soundbar for Projector

The Saiyin DS6301 17-inch Soundbar is a compact and stylish audio solution for small to medium-sized living spaces. With its ultra-compact design, this 17-inch Soundbar is perfect for desktop spaces, bedrooms, or small living rooms, providing a space-efficient and movable audio enhancement for your entertainment setup.

Featuring two full-range speakers, the Soundbar delivers loud and clear audio, creating a realistic and spatial experience for movies and music. Multiple input connections, including Bluetooth, optical, and auxiliary options, allow seamless connectivity to TVs, smartphones, PCs, tablets, and more. The “SUB OUT” port supports the connection of an active subwoofer for enhanced bass.

Optimize your entertainment with three equalizer modes (Music, Movie, News) controlled by the remote, enhancing dialogue, bass, and treble for a more engaging audio experience. Setting up the Soundbar is quick and easy, with the option to place it on a desktop or mount it on the wall using the provided wall mounting kits. The package includes the Soundbar, remote control, wall mounting kit, optical cable, 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable, power adapter, and user manual. Overall, the Saiyin DS6301 offers a versatile and user-friendly sound solution for an immersive entertainment experience.


  • Ultra-compact Design
  • Loud and Clear Audio
  • Multiple Input Connections
  • Optimized Sound Modes
  • Quick and Easy Setup


  • Limited Technical Specifications

Value for money

RIOWOIS DS6401D stands out as a compelling choice for projector enthusiasts considering the overall value for money. Its cutting-edge functionality, excellent audio quality, and stylish appearance make it an investment well worth making for anyone looking to improve their home theatre system.


In conclusion, the RIOWOIS DS6401D emerges as a top-tier audio companion for projectors, offering a perfect balance of style, performance, and functionality. Its immersive surround sound, wireless connectivity, and adaptive sound technology create a truly cinematic audio experience. While there are minor cons to consider, the Littoak SE04 HDMI Soundbar is an excellent option for anyone wishing to upgrade their home theatre system because of the complete kit. Invest in this Soundbar and embark on a journey where every movie, game, or music session becomes an unforgettable auditory adventure.


Can I connect the Soundbar to my projector wirelessly?

Yes, many soundbars support wireless connectivity options like Bluetooth, allowing you to connect them to your projector without cables.

What is the recommended size for a soundbar to pair with a projector?

The measurements of your space determine the appropriate size, but generally, a soundbar around 30 inches or larger can complement the immersive experience when paired with a projector.

Can I use a soundbar connected to the projector with my gaming console?

Most soundbars offer multiple input options, including HDMI or optical, making them compatible with gaming consoles connected to your projector.

Is it necessary to have a separate subwoofer for projector soundbars?

It depends on your preference for bass. While many soundbars offer built-in subwoofers, some users prefer a separate subwoofer for a more powerful low-frequency response.

Can I control the soundbar volume with my projector remote?

In some cases, soundbars can be programmed to respond to the projector remote, but it’s advisable to check compatibility or use the dedicated Soundbar remote for precise control.

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