Best Screws for Mounting TV to Studs

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The best screws for mounting TV on studs ensure a secure and stable display. To achieve this, selecting the correct screws for anchoring your TV to studs is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top screws available in the market for this purpose, providing detailed insights into their features, pros, and cons. By the end of this review, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision for a safe and sturdy TV mounting experience.

Top 5 Screws for Mounting TV to Studs Comparison

Product Name





Grip-Rite L3STGD5 PrimeGuard Plus Screw



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Hillman Group Power Pro Premium Exterior Wood Screw


Power Pro

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Mounting Dream MD5753 Lag Bolt Kit

Alloy Steel

Mounting Dream

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Mount-It! Universal Lag Screw with Drill Bit Set



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MOUNT UP MU0041-B Lag Bolt Kit 

Alloy Steel


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Best 5 Screws for Mounting TV to Studs Reviews

To assist you in selecting the best Screws for Mounting TV to Studs for your home theater system, we’ll examine each model’s features, benefits, and drawbacks in our analysis.

1. Grip-Rite L3STGD5 Prime Guard Plus Screw

Best Screws for Mounting TV to Studs

The Grip-Rite L3STGD5 PrimeGuard Plus #9 x 3″ Wood to Wood Deck Screws in Gold, presented in a 5lb box, deliver a reliable solution for deck construction and woodworking projects. The gold finish not only provides a visually appealing touch but also serves as a corrosion-resistant coating, ensuring longevity in outdoor applications. The #9 gauge and 3-inch length suit various wood-to-wood connections, especially in deck building.


  • The gold finish enhances aesthetics and offers corrosion resistance.
  • #9 gauge and 3-inch length provide versatility for different applications.
  • PrimeGuard Plus ensures durability in outdoor environments.
  • The 5lb box is convenient for projects of various sizes.


  • The box packaging might need more individual compartments, potentially leading to disorganization.

2. Hillman Group Power Pro Premium Exterior Wood Screw

Best Screws for Mounting TV to Studs

Power Pro Premium Exterior Wood Screws are the best for mounting the TV to studs; in a 9 x 3″ size and a 5 lb bucket containing 417 pieces, offer a reliable solution for various outdoor woodworking applications. The exterior epoxy coating and bronze finish contribute to an attractive aesthetic and provide robust corrosion resistance, ensuring durability in challenging weather conditions. The generous quantity in the bucket makes these screws convenient for larger projects, while the 9 x 3″ size offers versatility for different wood-to-wood connections.


  • Exterior epoxy coating and bronze finish enhance corrosion resistance.
  • The 5 lb bucket contains a substantial quantity for various woodworking projects.
  • 9 x 3″ size provides versatility in applications.
  • Premium quality ensures reliable performance in exterior environments.


  • The bucket packaging may need more individual compartments, potentially causing disorganization.

3. Mounting Dream MD5753 Screws for Mounting TV to Studs

The Mounting Dream Lag Bolt Kit for TV Wall Mount, specifically the MD5753 model, is a comprehensive solution designed to facilitate the installation of TV wall mounts in various settings. The kit includes M8 lag bolts tailored for wood studs, providing a secure connection for your TV on wooden surfaces. Fischer anchors are included for concrete walls, ensuring stability and versatility in mounting options.


  • Comprehensive kit with M8 lag bolts for wood studs and Fischer anchors for concrete walls.
  • Tailored for use with Mounting Dream TV wall mounts, ensuring compatibility.
  • Allen key and bubble level are included for easy and accurate installation.
  • Versatility in mounting options for different wall types.


  • The Allen key may be primary, and users prefer a more ergonomic tool.

4. Mount-It! Universal Lag Screws for Mounting TV to Studs

Best Screws for Mounting TV to Studs

The Mount-It! Universal TV Mounting Hardware Kit is a comprehensive solution for hassle-free TV wall mount installations. To allow for various mounting scenarios, this kit comes with a wide range of necessary parts, including washers, lag screws, Fischer anchors, a wood drill bit, and a concrete drill bit. The lag screws and washers ensure a secure connection to wood studs, while the Fischer anchors expand mounting options to concrete walls. Including dedicated wood and tangible drill bits adds convenience to the installation process.


  • Comprehensive kit with diverse hardware components for versatile installations.
  • Lag screws and washers provide a reliable connection to wood studs.
  • Fischer anchors broaden mounting options, especially for concrete walls.
  • For user convenience, it comes with real drill bits and wood designated for that purpose.


  • The included drill bits may only suit some wall types or materials.

5. MOUNT UP MU0041-B Screws for Mounting TV to Studs

The MOUNTUP Lag Bolt Kit (MU0041-B) for TV wall mounts is designed to simplify and enhance installation, offering comprehensive components. The kit includes M8×65mm lag bolts and washers specifically tailored for wood stud mounting, ensuring a secure and stable connection. For concrete wall installations, plastic anchors are provided, offering versatility in mounting options. Including a bubble level adds convenience, achieving a perfectly level installation.


  • Comprehensive kit with M8×65mm lag bolts and washers for wood stud mounting.
  • Plastic anchors are included for concrete wall installations, broadening compatibility.
  • Bubble level enhances accuracy in achieving a level installation.


  • The bubble level might be essential, and some users may opt for a more advanced tool.


Choosing the correct screws for mounting your TV to studs is a critical step in ensuring a safe and secure installation. Each option discussed in this guide has pros and cons, catering to different preferences and requirements. Whether you prioritize ease of installation, versatility, or load capacity, there’s a screw on the market to meet your specific needs. Considering the factors outlined in this review, you’ll be well on your way to a successful TV mounting experience, enjoying the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality in your living space.

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Can I use any screws to mount my TV to studs?

Not all screws are suitable for TV mounting. It’s crucial to use screws specifically designed for this purpose to ensure stability and safety. Look for screws with proper length, thickness, and load-bearing capacity.

How do I find the studs in my wall for TV mounting?

To detect the studs behind your wall, use a stud finder. Alternatively, look for visual cues like electrical outlets, typically attached to one side of a stud.

Do I need to pre-drill holes for TV mounting screws?

It depends on the type of screws you’re using and the wall material. Some screws are self-drilling, while others may require pre-drilling, especially on more complex surfaces like wood or masonry. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Can I mount my TV on a plaster wall?

Yes, you can. However, you need to use screws and anchors suitable for plaster walls. Look for options designed to provide a secure hold in this type of material.

Are there weight limits for TV mounting screws?

Yes, each screw has a recommended weight capacity. Be sure to check the specifications of the screws you choose and ensure they can support the weight of your TV. If your TV is particularly heavy, consider using multiple screws for added support.

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