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As leaders whose work in the 1970s helped shape the modern environmental movement, in government service, and as consultants to industry, governments and the public interest, for more than thirty-five years Louise Dunlap and Joe Browder have contributed to strategies that influence the relationship of business, technology and markets to environmental protection and social responsibility.

Since 1981, Dunlap & Browder, Inc. has provided advice and representation to national and global energy, natural resource and industrial companies, to governments, Native American tribes, and to international and public interest organizations.  In addition to client services, Louise Dunlap and Joe Browder devote significant resources to pro bono projects in defense of communities and environmental values.

From offices on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, and on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, Dunlap and Browder have provided services for clients in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America, including project and market evaluation and development, analysis of environmental and social issues and conflicts, development and implementation of strategies for protecting wildlife and natural systems and preserving community values and economic opportunities, analysis of government programs, and participation in industry, citizen, community and government evaluation of issues and development of policies.





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